Our minister

The Revd Rosemary Richter

Rosemary RichterRosemary Richter is minister of this church, and also of the churches at Wallington, Bandon Hill, and Banstead. She moved to Carshalton in 2015 having been previously stationed in the Salisbury Circuit.

A Methodist minister since 1981, Rosemary has also worked in Lancaster and south west London. Rosemary’s special interests have been in pastoral studies and hospital chaplaincy.

Rosemary is married to Philip, who is also a Methodist minister, now retired.

As well as enjoying family life with their children and grandchildren, Rosemary loves to go to the theatre and cinema, and to art galleries and museums. Her favourite holiday destination is Italy.

Rosemary can be contacted via the church office or by phoning (020) 8647 1550.

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