Weekly message – Sunday 12 April

Rosemary Richter Dear friends,

How different Holy Week is this year.

One thing we sometimes forget, because we usually read our scriptures in ‘chunks’ in church or daily Bible study, is how compelling the gospels are in recording the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I always remember hearing a recording of the actor Alec McCowan’s solo performance of Mark’s Gospel, when he went through the whole of the Gospel, and how gripping it was as the pace and drama built up as Jesus journeyed towards the cross. David Suchet has also recorded the whole of Mark’s Gospel.

Perhaps we could read or listen to a Gospel account of the death and resurrection of Jesus and go right through it – a Gospel a day? See how the tension builds up, and feel the emotions that are within the text, and marvel at the accounts from different perspectives. We have the time to do this!

Have a blessed and holy time.


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