Weekly message – Sunday 14 June

Dear friends,

Rosemary Richter

I know people are very eager to come back to worship, and there was great excitement when the announcement came that churches can be open for private prayer. However, groups gathering for services has not been mentioned.

Our churches are not usually open for private prayer, and the current information is that all our premises will remain closed until the beginning of July when the Methodist Conference will put out any further statement about our church regulations. Keep making rainbows – we will have a greater number of decorations when lockdown ends!

The government has now said that zoos can open on Monday. I am a bit conflicted about zoos and animals in captivity – but I am also very aware that zoos are doing important conservation work, and that seeing particular animals and becoming enthused about them has made people in our family passionate about conservation. They want to defend animals from poachers, the cutting down of forests, and any general human destruction of natural habitats because they have seen animals and love them. London Zoo is on my bucket list of places I haven’t yet been to in London. (Though I am probably not ready to go just yet!)

Lockdown gives you time to think about things. I remembered that one of my uncles told me that during the war he was guarding Bristol Zoo during his time in the forces. It was essential as Bristol was a target for bombing, and there had to be guards posted there to protect the animals – but also the local people in case animals escaped. You don’t think of that – though I understand the most dangerous animals from the cat family were rehoused for a few years at zoos in ‘quieter’ areas of the country. Apparently some incendiary devices did land in the zoo!

I remember Philip’s face some years ago when we drove through a safari park, and some monkeys got onto the car and escaped with one of our windscreen wipers – much to our family’s delight. We understood then why there was an escape lane so you could miss the monkey enclosure!

It is amazing what you remember when you have the time. Luckily God remembers us, and we remember our faith in or out of lockdown.

Every blessing,


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