Weekly message – Sunday 17 May

Dear friends,

Rosemary RichterThe weeks go on! An old friend and I were talking and saying how difficult it is to remember what day it is, as most days are the same if the pandemic has taken you out of your normal routine!

We were reminiscing about our childhood, when you knew what day it was by what you had for dinner, as the menu was always the same. In our house – Sunday roast, Monday cold, Tuesday rissoles or shepherd’s pie, the fish man came on Wednesday, so that was our fish day – and each Friday my nan came over and we had her favourite – egg curry!

My older married cousin had her set days for types of housework. I remember Tuesday as her dusting day, as one time when she was looking after me I enjoyed doing that with her. (I’m not so keen on dusting now!) Monday I’m sure was wash day, and Friday, baking.

I once stayed during a sabbatical in an Anglican convent, and that was like being in lockdown, with the days being similar! However each day was punctuated by prayer – Lauds first thing in the morning, communion at 8 am, midday prayer, evening prayer and Compline before the ‘Great Silence’ at 9 pm.

At first it was extremely difficult and I didn’t think I would last out the number of days I was booked in for! Eventually I got to appreciate it as a gift. I had full opportunity to pray for people I knew, events in the outside world, and things that otherwise would have passed me by because they got lost in the busyness of my day. And then I appreciated the rhythm of the days.

I guess all of us who are at home have to appreciate the slow rhythm while we have it!

Every blessing

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