Weekly message – Sunday 19 July

Dear friends,

Rosemary Richter

When I went to our dentist it reminded me of Dr Who! Someone came to the door in a visor, spraying hands and giving me a mask, and I was ushered into a small Tardis-like space to sit alone. The dentist’s head eventually appeared around a corner with a visor with two black eyepieces inside (I presume they had a magnifying effect!).

I have always had a fear of the dentist since going to the ex-army school dentist.  He had some exceptionally ancient and noisy drills, and told us we didn’t need numbing injections, as he wouldn’t be long. He then proceeded to drill away for a long time, reciting Shakespeare! Was ‘Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more’ meant to be soothing?!

What a relief that our receptionists and dentists at our practice today are lovely, gentle folk, and kindness itself to help us through the new Dr Who experience! And the best reassurance of all was that the dentist was following best practice guidelines.

I am very lucky my school dentist did not leave me with a fear of Shakespeare as well! Lockdown has brought the RSC productions to the TV. I was watching a favourite, Much Ado about Nothing, and was reminded of a great line ‘I have a good eye, uncle, I can see a church by daylight’. (You can’t go far without seeing a church or steeple.)

Well – it is now going to be possible to see our church by daylight! And, as with dentists and shops and GP surgeries, we now have guidelines to help us know how to navigate our way through a visit and keep us all as safe as possible. I hope they are not too daunting. You have received a letter about coming to church and it is on the website too.

Best practice enables us to actually meet again. It brings us out of lockdown so we get the opportunity to be together for our health as a Christian community. It fills those gaping and painful gaps in our lives.

In church we will both follow the best practice Jesus taught us as we worship, but also the modern guidelines to try to keep the virus at bay as we gather. The hope is that we do all we can so that, as soon as possible, we will be able to say as Martin Luther King did:

‘Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!’

Free from this disease that has ravaged the countries of the world, and free from the dis-ease in our communities, neighbourhoods and personal lives that prevents full and happy lives.

Hoping to see you when it is safe for you.


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