Weekly message – Sunday 24 May

Dear friends,

Rosemary RichterI don’t think I would like to go to Weston-super-Mare beach this bank holiday weekend – not because I have anything against the delightful seaside town, but because it didn’t look on the news as though people knew how to socially distance while on the beach, or queuing for their fish and chips! I’m afraid we are all going to have to be patient for some time to come.

However, hopefully there comes a time when lockdown will end and we will at least be in the ‘new normal’ if not the ‘normal’. And it does no harm to anticipate. Italy is beginning to emerge from their lockdown, begun before ours, so that gives us some confidence. And that is what we need!

To anticipate that joyful time (and in our faith we are always anticipating a joyful time!) at the leadership team we were talking about what we would do when we get back to church.

We would like people to start preparing by making rainbows! How you do it is up to you. Fiona has crocheted a rainbow – you may paint one, or photograph one, or make it out of dough, or other craft material. Please nothing precious like a Fabergé egg – it may not get back to you, particularly if left outside!

We thought we could decorate the church inside and out with rainbows when we finally get back to being together. So get thinking, and get weaving, knitting, chiselling, crocheting, painting, sticking, or capturing a rainbow in some ingenious way.

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.

With thoughts and prayers for you all.

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