Weekly message – Sunday 28 June

Dear friends,

Rosemary Richter

Wonderful news that we will be able to meet again for Sunday worship and be a church gathered together – ‘we’ll meet again’ as Dame Vera Lynn said, and the Queen mentioned in her broadcast to the nation under lockdown.

We know that you are eager to return as soon as possible – but this will not be on the day after restrictions are lifted on 4 July.

As with schools before us, we have not yet received (at the time of writing) the necessary information to make plans, comply with regulations, make necessary adjustments and get appropriate equipment (like hand sanitiser dispensers – which everybody is rushing for). We need the government guidance, and also the guidance and green light from the church nationally to reopen.

There is an additional reason we cannot open immediately – we are having some work done in the church, so we cannot use the building. Once people were allowed on to church premises to do necessary work, we took the opportunity to book a contractor to sand and reseal the church floor – so the church will not be available anyway for the first weeks in July.

Therefore we are aiming to reopen our church on Sunday 26 July, when we feel the necessary clearance will be in place, and the work on the floor finished. We will let you know as soon as possible when this date has been confirmed.

Church may be different for a while – for example, we do not think congregational singing or serving refreshments afterwards will be allowed yet, and you may well not be able to sit in your usual place because of social distancing – but as long as we are together, we will make the best of it and try to be innovative.

As the Westminster Confession of 1646–1647 says, our ‘chief aim is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.’ What a joy it will be to glorify God and enjoy his presence with us, and be together at last.

Looking forward to seeing you once again – and even making new friends!

Every blessing,


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