Weekly message – Sunday 5 April

Dear friends,

Rosemary Richter

A colleague of mine used to say if people went to church on Palm Sunday and again on Easter Day they could miss out on the cross altogether unless they made a point of going to a Good Friday service.

We can’t share in a Good Friday service together, but there is no way we are missing out on the cross this year. Suffering and grief are to the forefront of our minds.

When Jesus faced the cross he needed support (though his friends knew they had failed him). The words of kindness from the thief crucified with him meant everything.

I am finding that acts of support and words of kindness are meaning so much to people at this time. Thank you. Keep up the good work in these difficult days. May we remember a day of tragedy can be called ‘Good’ by the love that is evident within it.

With every blessing,

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