Prayer diary

"Do all this in prayer, asking for God's help. Pray on every occasion, as the Spirit leads. For this reason keep alert and never give up; pray always for all God's people" Ephesians 6 v.18

We invite church members and friends to use this daily prayer diary so as to focus your prayers on specific topics each day of each month. If you know of anyone in need of prayer, please contact the church office.

Carshalton Methodist Church prayer diary

Rosemary Richter

1st – Our ministers

Pray for the Revd Rosemary Richter and all the ministers in the Sutton Methodist Circuit.


2nd – Our church members

Pray for all our congregation and associates.

3rd – Uniformed organisations

Pray for the Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows associated with our church and premises, and all their leaders and helpers.


4th – Our home groups

Pray for the groups meeting regularly in members' homes, and for growth in this important area of church life.

5th – Local businesses

We have good relations with a number of local busineses. Please pray for their prosperity and continued ability to enrich our community.


6th – Other denominations

Thank God for the rich Christian heritage in our area which offers a wide variety of worship styles and service. Please pray for all Christian denominations.


7th – The sick and unwell

Pray for all those known to us individually and for those who are on our prayer chain and prayer tree.


8th – Junior Church

Pray for the children and young people of our Junior Church and the leaders who serve them week by week.


9th – Our neighbourhood

Pray for our near community whom we serve by offering our facilities, service and love in Christ's name.

10th – Sutton Schoolswork

Pray for this Christian charity, supported by local churches and individuals, which serves both primary and secondary schools in Sutton.


11th – South London Mission

Pray for the South London Mission whom we support regularly with gifts of food for those with no homes of their own, and those facing hardship in our society.

Pre-School logo

12th – Ruskin Road Pre-School

Pray for the staff and children of our church run pre-school which offers us an important opportunity to reach out to young families.


13th – Ruskin Rascals

Pray for the toddlers and their parents and carers who enjoy the play facilities, mutual help and support and the opportunity of a weekly chat with some of our church members.


14th – Time Together

Pray for this monthly event, which provides fellowship with coffee, informal Holy Communion, and lunch.


15th – Choir and musicians

Pray for members of the church choir and all musicians who help lead our worship, and use their musical talents to enrich our experience.


16th – Churches Together in Carshalton

Pray for the ecumenical initiative that brings member churches together to witness to the local community.


17th – Church leaders

Pray for guidance for our leadership team and others charged with steering our church.


18th – Local schools

Pray for local primary, secondary, and special needs schools; their staff and pupils; and Sutton Schoolswork who provide assemblies, clubs, and the Easter Experience play, with support from borough churches.


19th – Park Lodge

Pray for the residents and staff of Park Lodge and other local homes caring for vulnerable adults.

Street Pastors logo

20th – Sutton Street Pastors

Pray for Sutton Street Pastors, who minister to late-night clients of town centre entertainment.

21st – Safer Neighbourhood team

Pray for our local police and Community Support Officers, who monitor and patrol our neighbourhood.


22nd – Methodist Homes

Pray especially for Ryelands, the Methodist Home in Wallington, providing Christian care and support for the elderly.

23rd – The Suffering Church

Pray for those churches throughout the world facing persecution for following of Jesus Christ. Be thankful for our own freedom!

Methodist orb

24th – Circuit churches and leaders

Pray for the churches in the Sutton Methodist Circuit and their members, and the Circuit Stewards who serve this fellowship of faith.


25th – Local charities and voluntary organisations

Pray for the charities and voluntary organisations that serve the needs of disadvantaged and disabled people in our borough.


26th – Outreach and evangelism

Pray for opportunities to reach out and witness Christ to our community.

The earth from space

27th – World current affairs

Bring the current concerns of the world before God, knowing He hears our local plea in Christ's name.

LBS logo

28th – Local councillors

Please pray for those who have responsibility for our local government and services.


29th – Pastoral visitors

Pray for those church members, ministerial and lay, who provide support, comfort and fellowship for those in need.


30th – Community Cinema

Pray for those who provide regular entertainment outreach to our community, especially Cinema on your Doorstep, and for sensitivity and imagination in their programming.


31st – Hospitals and Social Services

Pray for the paid sector of our caring services; that treatment and support are well financed and provided.

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference publish a diary card each year so that you can pray for them throughout their year of office.
Diary (Prayer Card) 2017/2018

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